“The hedge” has long been seen as a liminal space, a place between the worlds. I am a hedgewalker, getting to know the spirits of the land in which I am rooted (north of Boston, Massachusetts — ancestral lands of the Naumkeag and Pawtucket people), as well as those of my “Celtic,” Anglo-Saxon, and Scandinavian ancestors.
My personal spiritual path is inspired and enlivened by druidry (the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids), “shamanic” technologies (the Foundation for Shamanic Studies), sea witchery, and modern Hekatean witchcraft (Keeping Her Keys). “Shaman” is a word specific to the Tuvan people of Siberia. I use the word “hedgewalker” to honor and connect with my own culture, as well as to stay mindful of my white privilege and to avoide cultural appropriation. I practice with a healthy dose of skepticism, a profound appreciation for science, and a heart bursting with love for Source in all Her manifestations. In the fall of 2019 I graduated from a program in spiritual guidance in a universalist tradition. Previous to that I earned a certificate in Spiritual and Pastoral Care from Andover Newton Theological School, now Andover Newton Seminary at Yale University.
I have been informed by many spiritual pathways over my lifetime and use many names for Source — Spirit, God/dess, the Divine, my helping spirits, Holy Mother, animal guides, and spirits of the land. Hekate is my matron goddess and I am a flamekeeper in a Cill devoted to Brigid — these are the manifestations of Source who personally speak to me and to whom I pray and make offerings. It is their faces I see on my altar and who whisper to me through this animate Earth. Source has a thousand names. Your names are welcome here too.